About Us

Who we are

We’re emergency response specialists, providing property cleanup, repair and restoration services to properties damaged by fire, flooding, trauma and other unexpected disasters.

At Cambridgeshire Advanced Cleaning we provide market leading cleaning solutions for every organisation and individual needs.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience within a large range of services ensures our clients are provided with the highest of quality of works with 100% satisfaction.

We use 100% environmentally friendly cleaning products and guarantee to be cost effective in the works that we provide.

After a very traumatic event, sewage in my flat following a blocked drain, Warren was extremely helpful. He cleaned the flat very quickly and efficiently and charged a very competitive price. He was extremely professional.I would certainly recommend him.”

Our Services

Covid-19 Decontamination

Sewerage sanitisation

Undiscovered Death Cleaning

Trauma And Bodily Fluid Clean Up

Murder and Suicide Clean up and Restoration

Squatting and Hoarding Deep Clean

Derelict Building Clearance

Hazardous Waste Removal

Needles, Sharps, Drug Paraphernalia, Drug factories/farm clean up disposal and removal.